Exhaust systems – Sheetmetal and bodywork parts

One of the best ways to get precise information within the context of a Design Thinking process is to realize some form of prototyping.

This means that a preliminary, cost effective and smaller version of the product should be created in order to detect every possible problem within an ongoing project.

Prototyping allows designers to put their ideas into practice, to test the feasibility of a certain design and to assess a sample of users in order to understand what they think about a particular product.

Prototypes are often used in the final step of Design Thinking processes, in order to understand how users behave in relation to the prototype itself, but also to find new solutions to problems or to discover whether already implemented solutions were successful.

The results of the tests are so useful to refocus one or more problems detected during the previous steps of the project and also to better understand the issues which users could meet while interacting with the product in its normal operational environment.