St.a.f. S.r.l. has now been active for more than 40 years in the fields of prototyping, as well as the construction of prototype &  block dies for series production, not forgetting the sheetmetal stamping for small series.

Moreover, we have been running a sheetmetal working department for a certain time and its staff is able to realize every particular piece on the basis of drawings or customer’s mathematics and using materials such as sheetmetal, steel, aluminum and stainless steel.

The distinctive craftmanship of our production is due to the foresight of St.a.f. S.r.l.’s management, who encouraged the in-house training of young sheetmetal workers: a more and more hard to find professional profile.

We now also provide milling services for style details made of materials such as aluminum, Plexiglas and resin models.

Our experience allows us to be an important benchmark in our areas of activity.

The special attention paid to the training of every employee as well as to new design and construction technologies allows us to preserve the high quality of every single operation and to deliver very reliable products and dies, thus fulfilling the particular needs of our customer.