Why should our laser-cutting services be preferred?

We constantly deliver “raw materials” in order to ensure that the quality of all the pieces we produce complies with the best standards; our prices are furthermore quite competitive, as we use the most modern software to meticulously reduce the waste of material while boosting the cutting speeds.

The production in our plants is organized so as to permit short delivery times with regard to both flat and 5-axis laser cutting.

Many clients asking for smaller volumes choose the 5-axis laser cutting solution as a good alternative to conventional production and cutting tools.

In addition to eliminating the necessity of paying large sums in advance, this solution allows to make partial changes at any time during the development step, without taking on huge costs to modify the tools.

With a range of presses available onsite, St.a.f. S.r.l. is in a position to deliver a complete solution for production, test/prototype or pressing projects.

The components can be stamped and laser refined on the spot, in order to reduce logistics and managing costs.